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Upcoming Public Events

IndySHRM Central Panel: "Navigating the HR Career Path"

Peggy Hogan | Indianapolis, Indiana | October 19, 2017

Our panelists will discuss the many dynamics of the HR profession. As the profession continues to see higher job growth we will see more entering the field and as the role of HR evolves we see the need for how to best navigate the many changes that can affect your path over the entire lifecycle of your career. We will cover the following areas,

  • Emerging professionals
  • Potential paths
  • Bumps and Bends in the path
  • How to break away from your specialization
  • The creation of the CHRO and how we can continue to get a seat at the table
  • How you can help others in the HR field
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SHRM Seminar: "Leading Internal HR Investigations"

Susan Tinder White | Alexandria, Virginia | October 27, 2017

Explore a best-practice framework for conducting internal investigations, on which organizational policies, procedures, and work rules can be developed and anchored. Practice investigation skills and techniques through a case study that runs through the entirety of the program.

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SHRM Seminar: "Communication: Influencing Senior Leadership"

JoDee Curtis | Alexandria, Virginia | November 2 -3, 2017

Learn to convey credibility in interactions with staff at all levels of your organization, especially senior leadership. Enhance your relationship-building, communication, and presentation skills to form necessary partnerships in your organization to drive business results. Discover ways to communicate clearly and credibly to senior leadership through extensive practice sessions and individualized feedback. On the last day of the seminar, use what you've learned to deliver a 15-minute presentation on camera and in front of your peers. Following this program, re-watch and reflect on your presentation, along with your cohorts’ feedback, to continue your development.

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SHRM Seminar: "HR Business Partners: Enhancing Your Strategic Contributions"

Susan Tinder White | Chicago, Illinois | November 6 - 7, 2017

Develop the necessary skills to become an effective HR business partner (HRBP) and maximize the value of HR in your organization. Explore the positive impact of the HRBP role and how use of an HRBP structure improves HR services across organizations. Analyze case studies and engage in group discussions to enhance your consulting skills, business acumen, and ability to strategically contribute to organizational goals. Develop a business case and implementation plan to guide your organization’s transition to the HRBP structure.

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SHRM Seminar: "Consultation: Honing Your HR Business Leader Skills"

JoDee Curtis | Alexandria, Virginia | November 30 - December 1, 2017

Heighten your internal consulting skills to better align initiatives with the organization’s strategic direction. Practice consulting methods to help you develop and manage relationships, communicate with impact, coach leaders, effectively facilitate discussions, and drive business results in your organization. Through an integrated case study, identify initiatives that address the needs of your organization while practicing coaching, communication, and change leadership skills.

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