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November 24, 2015
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December 9, 2015

Have you been out to recently to see what your employees are saying about what it is like to work for you?   You can find out if any of your current or former staff members have given you an overall rating, added comments about the positive and negatives of working for you, and provided any “advice to management.”

But why wait to see what people choose to post on a public site?   Get your arms around what your staff believes is the current culture of your organization and enlist their support in shaping it into one that aligns with your company’s mission, vision and values.   How can you learn what your employees believe your culture is and what they would like to see improve?

  • Utilize a simple, crisp Employee Opinion Survey to understand your staff’s current view of your Employment Brand and what they feel is missing
  • Conduct climate assessment one-on-one interviews with Key Staff Members at all levels
  • Hold focus group meetings to elicit insights on Employee Opinion Survey results
  • Review exit interview information from former employees to determine culture improvement opportunities
  • Look at declined job offers, and if you know which employers these candidates went to, compare differences between your Employment Brand and theirs

Once you have gathered the data, pull together your leadership team and talk through how current perceptions reinforce the desired culture your company wants to have and where gaps exist.  Build action plans to address those gaps.   Share your findings and planned actions with your all employees.  Encourage their ongoing feedback and involvement as it will enable you to move toward the culture your company aspires to have!

Susan Tinder White
Susan Tinder White
Susan White is an Executive Collaborator with Purple Ink. She is passionate about offering knowledge across business disciplines, insights into team dynamics, and experience in problem-solving that enhances clients’ leadership effectiveness.

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