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December 16, 2015
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December 30, 2015

Do you wonder where “people like you” are employed and are satisfied with their work?

Our career consulting services offer clients the opportunity to take the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment – one of the world’s most widely respected and frequently used career planning tools.   It can be helpful for people at any stage of their career, entry-level or experienced, and across any level of position, from a bartender to an executive.

How do you know if it’s the right step for you at this time?  3 reasons it’s a good idea:

  1. You’ve been out of the workforce for a period of time

The Strong Interest Inventory provides insight into your predominant personality traits and strengths.  This can be valuable insight to have and can be used in interviews and on a resume to market oneself appropriately for a new position.

  1. You don’t know what kind of position to pursue next

If you know you want a change in career but aren’t sure what makes the most sense for you, the Strong Interest Inventory compares you to people across 130 different occupations that have indicated they’re satisfied with their work and shares where people who are most “like you” are working.

  1. You’re looking for more fulfillment in a current position

The Strong can help heighten your self-awareness and provide deeper understanding to your work and learning styles and might help you make the case at work for a new project or opportunity that aligns with your specific interests.

The Strong Interest Inventory and conversation with a certified Strong interpreter can be an interesting exercise for anyone who is questioning where they are at any stage of their career.

We’d love to be a part of your career exploration!  Contact us for more details.

Catherine Schmidt
Catherine Schmidt
Catherine Schmidt is a former member of the Purple Ink team. She has a special interest in career coaching and recruiting and finds joy when she can connect the right person to the right opportunity.


  1. You stated that the Strong Interest Inventory test provides insight into your predominant personality traits and strengths and can be a valuable insight to have. Do most universities or schools have their students take this test? My cousin always wanted to be a marine biologist and now doesn’t know what kind of career to pick. Taking this test could be a very good choice to see what career would be good for her.

    • Catherine Schmidt says:

      Thanks for the message, Derek! Many colleges and universities offer the Strong Interest Inventory as part of their Career Services programming but many do not. I’d recommend your cousin check out what is available at her particular university, and if they do not offer this service, I’d love to connect with her. It’s an excellent tool for career exploration at all levels of one’s career. Thanks again!

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