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January 6, 2016
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January 27, 2016

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with potential new employers. Just having a LinkedIn account isn’t enough, though – you need to make a good impression with your profile. Here are some tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Use a professional profile picture. The picture of you hanging out with your best friend or the selfie you took while you were traveling are great for Facebook or Twitter, but LinkedIn is different. Your LinkedIn profile photo should be higher quality and professional. Use a picture you took for work or take a new headshot (make sure you dress nice!). If that sounds like a hassle and you think you’d rather go without a picture, think again – Adding a profile photo gets you about 14 more views than someone without a picture.
  1. Get endorsed. This isn’t something you have as much control over, but it is important. Being endorsed and recommended by others boosts your credibility. Recruiters are especially impressed by recommendations from your direct managers.
  1. Write a summary. Don’t ignore the summary section. Describe your qualifications and goals, and make sure to use keywords that are used in job descriptions for your ideal position. Don’t make it overly long, but don’t write something too short, either. Aim for at least 40 words; that makes you more likely to show up in a search.
  1. Join groups. Look for groups that are relevant to your industry and interests. They’ll show up on your profile and show potential employers what you care about. You’ll get 5 times more views from joining and being active in groups.

If you’re looking for a job this year, make sure you’re making the most of your LinkedIn profile!

Emily Miller
Emily Miller
Emily is Purple Ink’s Director of Marketing. She enjoys being able to exercise both her creative side and her analytical side, and as a Learner, loves helping to create new services and tactics and discovering the best ways to share them with the community.

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