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May 4, 2016
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Take advantage when everyone has a little extra spring in his or her step!

This time of year I want to be outside, period.  Even though it has quickly felt like hot summer temps, seeing the tulips and green grass has a happy effect on me.  It also helps that I have two young boys that could occupy themselves in a pile of mulch for hours.  The fresh air gives us energy and motivation to get and stay active.

Some think that being active and physically fit is an extracurricular or added bonus that some people get to when they have time.  But why?  I am a true believer that being active is integral and necessary to feeling your best.

At Purple Ink we are lucky to be able to complete our work when it is best for us.  Of course, we have deadlines and clients to meet, but if I am interviewing 10 candidates for a position over the phone and need a quick break, I go take a walk or stretch.  Are you allowing your staff to do this?  It is not only good for them physically but the mental break, fresh air and gratitude to their employer for this speaks volumes.

What you may find is that employees given the opportunity to be active during the workday will bring that extra motivation and they may be able to tackle additional projects or even help “spring” clean your office.  I have found that sometimes the best time of year, just like at home, to clean the office is spring.  You’ve made it through 4th quarter, filled those positions that turned over after the new year, and finally have a moment to step back and get HR in order.   Your whole office may not need a full makeover, but it is a good time to review & update personnel policies and employee handbooks, audit & update job descriptions and review & update record retention policies.   You just might find that you can purge more than you think!

Another great bonus about this time of year is the college students are out of school.  Many have already secured internships, but I have heard from several still looking, so if you have these types of projects at your office and you need assistance, let us know at Purple Ink.  We can help you find a motivated intern, or we can help too.  As long as we can take short breaks for fresh air!

Laura North
Laura North
Laura is a Consultant at Purple Ink. She thrives for all employees to understand their role and value within the company’s mission.

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