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Over the next few months, we will be doing a series of blogs on our team, our strengths, and our HR specialties.

Hi, I’m Stacy, a Human Resources Consultant at Purple Ink.  “An HR Consultant,” you say, with  a question in your voice and a slight wrinkle in your brow – yes, an HR consultant, that’s me –  “What does that mean? What do you do?” you ask.  I help; I am here to assist your HR department or help your organization with a wide variety of Human Resources needs.

Here’s how it all began. Somehow after college, I found myself in an accounting role, growing in knowledge and contribution with a company – which was very humorous to my family and friends because I was always someone who felt that Math was my enemy. My degree was in Psychology, and my plan to go to grad school was interrupted when I got a J . O . B .

My first job out of college was where I met a very positive and experienced HR professional, and, well, I guess you would say that was my “aha” moment – now I know what I want to be when I grow up. Her career looked perfect to me…. now how do I get there? She gave me the harsh reality that the opportunity was not at the place where I was working. Unbeknownst to me until many years later, our company was being purchased, and HR was being moved to the corporate HQ. She gave me some thoughts on the next steps. Her honest feedback is what gave me the guts to start out on the quest to figure out this thing called life.

A few years later, I found myself going door-to-door with beautifully printed resumes on a creamy linen texture paper, trying to get in to see a hiring manager. I know this may be shocking to you, but people really used to print resumes and hand deliver or mail them to potential employers. This may also be shocking, but the house phone rang – no, not my cell phone, and no, not an e-mail or text. The land line with three-way calling and caller ID, of course. The role was perfect. They wanted me for my accounting background, I wanted them for the opportunity to get into HR. The role was a Payroll/HR role. This was the point that my career in HR started.

I began to use my strengths to develop into an HR Professional.  This opportunity shaped my career; I was given the opportunity to work for a company that would support and build me into a successful HR Professional. I know that my strength in Belief had me in the right place at the right time. I enjoyed being mentored by the CEO, CFO, COO, Director of Marketing, and Director of Operations, and I owe them a great deal of gratitude. I had experiences in my young career that I look back on and wonder how was I able to do it. I now realize that my strength of Positivity helped me along the way. It was not easy to fly across the US and announce to a group of employees that the facility would no longer be in operation; however, I found listening and helping to not only encourage them but also help me through this time.

It was much later in my career that I realized I was a helper. When people ask what I do, I say that I am an HR Consultant with Purple Ink and I help people and companies. My strength as a Developer is key to my daily fulfillment; I am driven to develop people to their full potential. I feel a great deal of accomplishment when I see someone succeed, whether it’s a company, a team, a coworker, my family, or my friend, it fills my bucket when others achieve their goals.   What does the future hold for this HR Professional? My goal is to grow in my knowledge and contribution to my team, helping them succeed and helping our clients succeed. I am here to help and get you and your company to where you want to be.

Keep following our blog to meet the rest of our team!  Want to learn more about the services we offer?  Contact Purple Ink or email me directly,  Purple Ink is happy to help!

Stacy Ruminer
Stacy Ruminer
Stacy is a Consultant with Purple Ink. She is passionate about approaching daily challenges as opportunities to provide a positive, compassionate, and encouraging approach when working with clients to provide innovative and practical solutions.

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