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August 28, 2017
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September 6, 2017

Based on several years of research, The Gallup Organization suggests that the most effective people are those who understand their strengths and behaviors. They determined that these people are best able to develop strategies to meet and exceed the demands of their daily lives, their careers, and their families.  This is so true for me.  My #1 strength is Responsibility.  This one follows me everywhere!  I am dependable.  If I commit, I will do it.

On the flip side, I have learned that to be successful, sometimes I can’t always sign up or make a promise.  This is hard for me, as I always want to step in, but thankfully, at Purple Ink, we are flexible, and our team understands the balance we all need.  Each week JoDee (Our Maximizer boss) checks in with us to determine if we are swamped, feeling good about our work load, or need more to do.  I love this, because this allows me to step back and be honest about my current “responsibilities” and determine if I can handle more or if I need to concentrate on another project or family need.

Are you in a position that allows you to continually evaluate your workload?  Are you using your strengths daily to exceed internal or external client needs?

If you are looking for a change or do not even know where to start; reach out to Purple Ink.  Our consultants can help you step back and evaluate your strengths and aim them to conquer any task; it may be a new job, just a talk with the boss or organizing a to do list.

We might also be able to take a few of your responsibilities off your plate (leave management, revising job descriptions, kicking off a wellness initiative, training your management team, or search for a new Applicant Tracking System).  We truly enjoy being an extension of all our clients’ teams, and we will continue to use our Strengths in a flexible and creative way to meet those needs.

Laura North
Laura North
Laura is a Consultant at Purple Ink. She thrives for all employees to understand their role and value within the company’s mission.

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