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January 2, 2018
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January 10, 2018

Did you know that most adults use no more than a fraction, perhaps 10% of their natural creativity each day? (according to Dr. Min Basadur in Flight to Creativity) This is a shame, since according to our very own JoyPowered™ author JoDee Curtis, one of the five recommendations for deploying joy in the workspace is to apply constant creativity in all areas. Enter the ink pad – Purple Ink’s new rentable training and meeting space, located in Carmel, Indiana, and designed intentionally to encourage creativity and bring JoyPower to your next training or meeting!

When you enter the doors of the ink pad, the purple accents confirm you are in the right place! While the choice of accent color would seem like a no-brainer for Purple Ink, there’s much more meaning to it! If you google “What does the color purple mean?” the first hit describes one of the traditional associations of the color purple with power – we think they meant JoyPower! Furthermore, the color purple affects us physically by lifting our mood, calming our mind and nerves, offering a sense of spirituality, and encouraging our creativity. Attendees who are primed to be uplifted, calm, and creative will certainly enjoy an inspired training or meeting!

Beyond the purple accents, the moving whiteboard walls and crisp white training tables (comfortably seating 24-30) represent a blank canvas for you and your attendees to generate ideas. What else might help? Our purple exercise balls as seating alternatives! In addition to its well-known benefits (e.g., improved health, stress reduction), research supports that exercise can help people come up with new ideas, making us more creative!

So, take a seat on one of our purple exercise balls, engage your core, and let the ideas flow! And if the purple walls, the blank canvas, or the exercise balls aren’t doing the trick, there is nothing better to spark creativity than masterpieces from the experts! Our walls display artwork from local artists, currently featuring Anastasia Maroney of Maroney Arts. All of the artwork is for sale, so if you feel particularly inspired, you can literally wrap up that creativity and take it home!

By now, you should be pretty sure the ink pad is the best place for your next training or meeting. But if you still need convincing, the ink pad has a very competitive pricing model that allows you to reserve only the time you need, with bookings available for half days ($250), full days ($450), and evenings ($300). These already low fees include use of the following at no extra charge: 54″ HD TV, all cables for PC or Mac, including HDMI, name tents, coffee and water, and dry erase markers.

Ready to book? Check out pictures and details of our space at booktheinkpad.com, then email us at booktheinkpad@gmail.com or call us at (317) 689-8620. We CAN’T WAIT to help make your next training or meeting the most creative and JoyPowered™ one yet!

Caitlin Alerding
Caitlin Alerding
Caitlin is a Trainer at Purple Ink. She is also a CliftonStrengths specialist and serves as a CliftonStrengths coach. Caitlin is passionate about discovering and helping to implement the mechanisms necessary for a team to achieve their goal or an individual to thrive in their position.

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