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July 2, 2018
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July 11, 2018

I’m Katie Rosner, one of the summer interns at Purple Ink this summer. I currently go to Indiana University, and have enjoyed being able to work in an environment that encourages using your strengths. I am excited to be able to do that more next semester.

My daily tasks consist of a variety of things, which allows me to use my Learner strength. Every day I get to do something new and learn more about Purple Ink and our clients. This will help me when I am looking for a job this upcoming year, because I know that I thrive in an environment that is more challenging and encourages its employees to learn and grow every day.

The environment at Purple Ink, from my perspective, is really unique because I see so many people doing such a large array of things every day. My Adaptability allows me to change my tasks from marketing, to creating training material, to understanding and organizing client files. To me, Purple Ink as a company also appears adaptable, this helps me feel right at home whenever I come into work.

My top strength, Individualization, is something that I do not use very often at Purple Ink, however, I use all the time in my daily life. I constantly am trying to understand people and how they can better themselves. Empathy and Developer, I think, both work well together, and with Individualization. Being able to understand what people are feeling and how they react to different situations, then being able to help them work together.

Every day is a new challenge for me at Purple Ink. I get to learn and grow myself, as well as learn how to help others grow as well. Keeping these strengths in the back of my mind has never really been something that I have done, however, it allows me to think more about what I do and why I do it.

Katie Rosner
Katie Rosner
Katie is a former Purple Ink Summer Intern. She has a passion for hearing others’ stories, challenging herself, and being able to experience human resources hands on before she goes into the work force.

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