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August 27, 2018
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September 5, 2018

Do you have FOMO on good candidates? Chances are, you probably are. Based on a recent LinkedIn survey, 53% of applicants are reviewing your career page right now to decide if they are interested in working for your company. Does your career page speak to who you want to hire? For most companies, the answer is probably not. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, growing startup or an established company; your career page is the first impression. Make it happen!

Here are the 5 simple things that can make a career page stand out.

Real People. Real Stories.

Stock photos don’t qualify. A great example is Johnson & Johnson, with how they invest in their employees’ careers.

Show Off That Culture.

Why would someone want to work for you? Ping pong tables and free food is a nice perk, but where’s the heart? If you have something special to offer, show it off.

Job Ads. NOT Job Descriptions.

Save the boring job descriptions for internal purposes. You’re marketing for a person, not a list of qualifications. Where’s the sizzle?

You’ve Got to Keep it Simple!

Don’t ask for a ton of information or ask to duplicate a ton of information, especially if it’s on the resume. People hate that! If it can’t be parsed, don’t ask. Remember the KISS principle? This is a place to use it. If the application takes 10 minutes, they are already gone.

I’ve Applied, Now What?

I get it! This one is hard. I understand with lean teams, you can’t imagine setting up SLA’s on your hiring processes. This may be a perfect time to leverage technology to help you communicate. By the way, candidates love it when you communicate. Most of them don’t ever expect to hear from you, so why not exceed their expectations? Being transparent can be a good thing! Take a tip from Google.

Here’s a few examples to get you started:

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Lisa Helms
Lisa Helms
Lisa Helms is a recruiting expert and former Purple Ink team member. She has a true passion for helping companies gain a competitive edge utilizing her many years in Talent Acquisition. Over the years, Lisa has been a part of how technology has evolved the HR practice and can help organizations hire more effectively.

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