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February 13, 2019
Word of the Year: Execute
February 15, 2019

Do you stretch daily? Doesn’t it make you feel great? If you have ever stretched before or after a workout, you know firsthand how amazing it makes your body feel. Not only is stretching good for the body, but it is good for the mind and spirit. In other words, it has both physical and mental applications.

I took this word of the year thing as an opportunity to challenge myself to be better in all areas of my life- physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you have not figured out my word by now, it is stretch.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the word stretch as an exercise of something beyond ordinary or normal limits or an extension of the scope or application of something. As I was stuck between a couple words to choose, I came across that definition and knew stretch was my word. This definition of stretch encompasses all that I want to do this year. I want to expand and apply my HR knowledge, step out of my comfort zone, go above and beyond what is normal for myself, take some risks, and continue to learn new things.

At Purple Ink, we use our strengths daily and I wanted to make sure that I chose a word that incorporated those also. Luckily, I came across the word stretch. My Achiever strength is all about pushing myself to do more and achieve more – fits quite well with my word stretch, right? My Maximizer strength I use when I want to take something from good to great to superb. I have this drive to make something better. My Developer strength allows me to see the strengths in others and see them succeed to the best of their ability. In other words, I enjoy seeing others use their strengths to stretch themselves.

Throughout my whole life, but specifically the past couple years, I have been doing a lot of learning. I have been learning a lot in my job at Purple Ink about a variety of HR topics, services, and ultimately what it takes to solve HR problems. In my personal life, I have been learning about what it takes to have a great marriage, to take care of a rowdy puppy, and how to best maintain relationships with those you care about all in the midst of a busy schedule. I have all this new knowledge, and by choosing the word stretch, I am committing to challenging myself to use all this knowledge to become a better HR consultant, wife, sister, friend, dog mom, and ultimately a better me.

One quote by Bidemi Mark-Mordi that I really like and uses the word stretch says this, “The human spirit is like an elastic band. The more you stretch, the greater your capacity.”

To become a better all around me, this year I challenge myself to say those ideas I have about making a task easier or a program better. I challenge myself to tell people when I see their strengths being used successfully. I challenge myself to keep learning, growing, and pushing myself to achieve more. I challenge myself to actually take time to stretch throughout the day.

Are you stretching yourself too thin? Purple Ink can help! Reach out to us today with any of your HR needs.

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Kira Witt
Kira Witt
Kira is a former member of the Purple Ink team. She finds joy in getting to meet new people, hearing others’ experiences, and discovering others’ needs.

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