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February 14, 2019
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February 20, 2019

“Ooooh, I like that one. Maybe that should have been mine? I wish my word was catchier.” That’s what went through my head this January as everyone shared their Word of the Year at our retreat. As my turn to share approached, my Ideation was in overdrive and I seriously considered changing mine, a last second audible to a word that would blow every other word out of the water (Competition much?). And then it occurred to me that I was having trouble executing my chosen word and that was reason enough for me to stick to it – “Execute” it is.

Merriam-Webster defines execute as “1. to carry out fully: put completely into effect 2. to do what is provided or required by.” Even the definition of execute gets it done efficiently. Yep, that’s definitely what my word should be. As you have probably gathered through our blogs or website or any connection with Purple Ink, we try to lead with our strengths. My number one strength is Strategic, and it is number one for a reason – I am always developing plans. And with Ideation at number 5, my plans are always developing. Can you see where the problem might be? Sometimes I have trouble pulling the trigger or carrying something out fully. Perhaps I get halfway through my plan and start devising another, better plan (there’s that Competition again), but this can come at the expense of completing the task. I think some non-family members might be surprised by this admission as, at least professionally, I hope I have established myself as someone who gets stuff done. But what I’m really striving for in 2019 is to execute effortlessly. This will take addressing old habits and forming new ones; setting time sensitive goals and rewarding myself for executing the tasks I map out to help achieve those goals; surrounding myself with people who are exceptional at executing (check!); and maybe accepting that sometimes what is better than the “best” plan is an executed plan!

Do you have a goal you’re having trouble executing? Can’t find the time? Perhaps our training on Goal Setting and Time Management could give you the tools you need to get started. Curious how learning your strengths could make a big impact on your 2019? You might benefit from our CliftonStrengths Workshops or one-on-one coaching. Can’t find the training topic that’s right for your company? Let’s talk, I’d be happy to put your needs completely into effect with a customized training!

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Caitlin Alerding
Caitlin Alerding
Caitlin is a Trainer at Purple Ink. She is also a CliftonStrengths specialist and serves as a CliftonStrengths coach. Caitlin is passionate about discovering and helping to implement the mechanisms necessary for a team to achieve their goal or an individual to thrive in their position.

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