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May 10, 2019
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May 17, 2019

Do you believe that you can alter the trajectory of a struggling team no matter what position you play on it? The JoyPowered™ Team wants to embolden you to do just that. You may or may not be a manager, supervisor, or senior employee. You do, however, have the power – in particular, the JoyPower! – to make a defining difference.

If you are a C-level executive or some other person with clout, there are essentially six simple yet significant modifications you can master to immediately trigger transformation. You’ll find them fleshed out for you in chapter six of The JoyPowered™ Team:

  1. Honestly Evaluate the Quality of Your Managers
  2. Care, Trust, Love: Establish Connection with and Support Among Your Team Members
  3. Ensure Role Clarity
  4. Increase Autonomy of Team Members
  5. Connect Employees’ Jobs to the Company’s Mission and Beyond
  6. Invest in the Development of Team Members as an Integral Company Value

The majority of us, though, are not at the decision-making table. Our power to effect change is not derived from a position of title but from the vantage of player, participating firsthand in the inner dynamics of the team.

Try this challenge. Think back on the most joyful day you’ve ever spent working with your current work team. Answer three simple questions about that experience:

  1. What were you working on?
  2. Why were you enjoying yourselves?
  3. What role did you personally play in that joy?

Chances are that you were all united by a common vision and goal, each team member was doing what they do best, and you personally felt passionate about your role and fueled by the JoyPower that naturally increases through the shared success of a team.

Isn’t that what fulfilling work is all about? Or at least should be? The JoyPowered™ Team explores the secrets of engaged and happy teams, helping you to discover your sweet spot – the place where your talents and strengths meet the team’s needs and purpose. Right there you will find your JoyPower!

Be sure to order your copy of The JoyPowered™ Team today!

Denise McGonigal
Denise McGonigal
Denise is a Purple Ink Collaborator and co-author of The JoyPowered® Family. With Learner in her top 5 Strengths, she is passionate about continuous learning both for herself and others.

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