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August 12, 2019
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August 21, 2019

One month into the third quarter, it’s time. Time for a recharge. Time for a change of scenery. Time for some innovation. Time for a new perspective on the challenge you’ve been struggling with for the first two quarters. It’s time to get out of the office. Not necessarily time for a vacation, just time to take your team offsite.

The benefits of taking your team offsite are numerous. If just for an important team meeting, taking employees away from their day-to-day environment – deadlines, emails, pop-ins – gives teams renewed energy, fresh perspective on old problems, and encourages outside-the-box thinking. Increased innovation and higher productivity – what are you waiting for?

Maybe your in-office meetings are already producing the best and brightest ideas, but your engagement seems to be going down, or employees aren’t making positive social connections with each other. Social connections make people happier and physically healthier, which in turn affects employee performance at work. Getting your team offsite for a retreat is the perfect opportunity to create new ways of communicating and collaborating, improving team dynamics and social connections. If there’s isn’t enough time for a full day retreat, a happy hour or team meal at the end of a day provides an opportunity for social engagement and learning more about the person in the cubicle next to you, thereby helping to foster mutual respect, trust, and belonging.

Now you’re looking for the perfect place – look no further! The ink pad is the perfect location for offsite meetings or small-to-medium size retreats, with the inkubator room holding up to 30, the ink tank providing the perfect space for board meetings up to 14, or the splash zone offering comfortable furniture for your high level meeting of up to 8. Intentionally designed to spark creativity, your offsite meeting at the ink pad is sure to generate new perspectives on old challenges. In a survey of U.S. meeting bookers, the most sought after amenities included A/V equipment (large screen TV with direct plug ins or google chrome – check!), catering services (deals with several local caterers – check!) and access to full service restaurant (located directly below Matt the Millers Tavern – check!). Looking to improve social connections with a happy hour? Ask about how to book a private bartender from Matt the Millers and get the neighbor discount!

IT’S TIME! Email or call today – mention you read this blog and receive $50 off your booking!

Caitlin Alerding
Caitlin Alerding
Caitlin is a Trainer at Purple Ink. She is also a CliftonStrengths specialist and serves as a CliftonStrengths coach. Caitlin is passionate about discovering and helping to implement the mechanisms necessary for a team to achieve their goal or an individual to thrive in their position.

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