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Many times, what is a major disruption can create anxiety and burden the team but, in the end, it can actually have a silver lining. One of those disruptions is when a member of our team leaves, especially when they have stores of institutional knowledge that they take with them.

Hiring a trusted HR partner can help reduce the stress and keep the employees’ needs met.

Our Client’s Situation

Our client is a nonprofit with over 200 employees serving families in central Indiana. They were in a tough labor market and had to follow many regulations, which involved a lot of follow up, training, and attention to detail. In this situation, they needed to hire an HR Manager and had a serious shortage of staff to serve their customers. They reached out to us to help manage their ongoing recruiting needs and help them hire a new HR Manager. The previous HR Manager had been there for over 20 years and relied heavily on paper files and forms. This created a lot of disorder and inefficiencies.

Our Solution

We were able to go into their office and start within days, supporting their new HR Director (who was brought in above the incumbent manager), learning their systems, processes, and working with their internal team on meeting those staffing needs.

The Result

We were able to help our client in several ways.

Improved Recruiting

In addition to recruiting an HR Manager who is still there today, we reduced our client’s time to fill and the overall number of openings by decentralizing some processes to improve efficiencies. At the end of our project, there were 30% fewer openings and the team felt good about the processes going forward.

Organization and Support

We provided support to the HR Director on various projects, initiatives, and questions, including cleaning out old files – boxes and drawers full – and setting up systems for proper retention protocols.

Improved Processes

We made recommendations to our clients regarding onboarding issues, filing systems, and an applicant tracking system (ATS). We also referred them to vendors for an ATS that would be affordable and fit their needs.

The organization and the HR Director were grateful to have our team to help get through some projects and improve processes. We had an outside perspective, which was helpful, and we were extra hands on deck at a busy time for them. They selected an applicant tracking system, which has helped them immensely. We have enjoyed a great working relationship with them and have helped them recruit for other positions and provided outplacement.

If you feel overwhelmed by paper or old processes that aren’t working for you, are understaffed in your HR department, or if you just need to get caught up, contact Purple Ink to learn about how we might lighten the load to help you get back on track!

Peggy Hogan
Peggy Hogan
Peggy is the Director of Talent Services at Purple Ink. Peggy enjoys connecting the right person to the right place, whether she’s career coaching, recruiting or working on-site with a client. She is motivated to help create positive workspaces by offering creative solutions to problems in the workplace, resulting in reduced turnover, higher employee engagement and increased productivity.

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