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January 3, 2022
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January 12, 2022

Look out world! InvigorateHR and Purple Ink are joining forces to conquer your people and human resource needs. Why? We believe that by bringing our teams together we will be even better at partnering with our clients and potential clients to deliver quality services and relationships that change how people work!  Both firms are strong in their belief about focusing on people and creating JoyPowered® workspaces. So why not bring dynamic minds, resources, and solutions together? 

The people of InvigorateHR and Purple Ink have been colleagues, collaborators, friends, and volunteers for years. And after collaborating on the JoyPowered® series’ most recent book, The JoyPowered® Organization, myself and JoDee Curtis gained even more appreciation for what we do…and that’s where it snowballed in to conversations about “what if…”. And here we are today, two dynamic firms with the love of helping others and making a difference in workers’ lives merging together. BAM! 

Managing people and dealing with human resource issues can be challenging. Heck, people can be challenging—but that’s why we are here and why we have teamed up to broaden our footprint and services to help make workplaces better. We have even more resources in compensation, training, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), consulting, coaching, outplacement, recruiting, etc., not to mention the increased brain power to help you solve some of your most difficult challenges. 

I hope that you are excited about this merger as much as JoDee and I am. We look at this as a positive move for our businesses and for our clients. We are excited for what lies ahead for us and for you. So do not hesitate to reach out to any of us for any people needs you may have. InvigorateHR is now part of the Purple Ink family! 

Make it a JoyPowered® day! 

Jeremy York
Jeremy York
Jeremy is a former member of the Purple Ink team and co-author of The JoyPowered® Organization. He is passionate about people and improving the ways organizations see their importance.

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