Coffee Break with a Consultant: What’s Your Favorite Training Topic to Lead?
February 4, 2022
Supporting Employees of Color Webinar
February 11, 2022
Coffee Break with a Consultant: What’s Your Favorite Training Topic to Lead?
February 4, 2022
Supporting Employees of Color Webinar
February 11, 2022

Embracing New Environments

Outsourcing can be adventurous. However, many people fear continuously going into new environments. For a consultant to have confidence, it’s critical that they are equipped with the necessary tools to immediately provide added value to the organization. The best way to get acclimated into a new environment is by researching the company, meeting with leaders and individuals you’ll be working with in your first week, and working hard to establish relationships and trust.

When you hire someone to do outsourcing, make sure to inquire about their experience and what their specializations might be. Do they operate as an individual consultant or do they come from an HR consulting firm? If they are with a firm, you get more than just your on-site consultant, you get an entire team that comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of HR topics. If you have a consultant filling in for an HR team of one, you could require additional expertise that they can tap into during difficult or unusual situations. 

With each new client, consultants get to learn about various industries and are able to provide effective solutions that work for teams both large and growing. This exposure to a multitude of industries means they will come to your business having experienced a variety of best practices.

Navigating Different Management Styles

Outsourcing comes in many forms and can sometimes mean doing special projects. However, as a consultant I am most often on-site and right where the action takes place, which means I have to readily adapt to different management styles.

I have been introduced to various behavioral assessment tools that can help clients ensure management works well together and with their teams. I look for opportunities to introduce clients to these tools to help managers learn their leadership style and how they may need to adjust their styles when interacting with their teams.

Behavioral assessment tools can provide a deeper dive into the “why’s” of an individual’s leadership style. Having an outside facilitator to administer and explain these tools helps ensure leadership traits are presented with transparency and are unbiased.  I take great pride in helping organizations strengthen knowledge and understanding of themselves and the people around them.

It’s one of the many ways I stand out as a leader in outsourcing.

Juggling Clients

Some people think that outsourcing can be a balancing act. As a consultant, it’s important to not put too much on my plate to allow guarantee efficiency and quality. I encourage clients to “check in” with their employees to ensure burnout isn’t occurring as well.

I have never felt overwhelmed with projects and my team is always there to lend a hand when needed.

Consultants are adept in looking ahead to the future. Forecasting is a big part of ensuring success in this profession. I pay close attention to the local Business Journals for new competitors that may be entering the market, thus pulling from existing talent and alert clients to new trends that may be happening in HR that may affect their business.

The “Fun” in Outsourcing!

I know fun isn’t actually in the word, however, outsourcing brings me great joy. Meeting new people, learning about new industries, solving new problems, it is all a plus for me.

The best part about outsourcing is that it never really ends. I often provide continuous support to clients. There are times when clients will call with a question or ask for advice working through a situation, and I readily make myself available.

There is great flexibility in outsourcing. Most of the time, I can make my own schedule and have autonomy over the projects I take on. I have had ample opportunity to grow in any area I’ve wanted to gain more experience in.

Another Side to Outsourcing

I never like to find the “cons” in anything. I always say that cons are an opportunity to provide a different perspective. Outsourcing requires a great deal of discipline. If you are not a self-starter or resourceful, outsourcing may not be the best career path for you. As a consultant, I am often the “go to” person for certain topics and am expected to find the answer. That requires a great deal of confidence in one’s ability and self-awareness to know when you need to enlist the help of others.

Outsourcing isn’t always steady work, so being flexible is key. There are months where I’m working 60 hours for various clients per week and months where I work only 20 hours per week. The demands can be challenging and I’m glad that it’s a challenge I’m willing to accept.

Trust me, the risk is worth the reward.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing is ever changing, and I vow to write more on the subject. Stay tuned for more blog posts from me as I continue my journey with Purple Ink. And if you’d like to talk more about how outsourcing might help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Jetta Vaughn
Jetta Vaughn
Jetta is a former member of the Purple Ink team. She believes in the power of truth and service and takes pride in providing innovative solutions and unwavering customer service to her clients.

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