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March 28, 2022
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Purple Ink’s Founder, JoDee Curtis, explains the benefits you get from hiring Purple Ink for outsourcing.

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When companies call us and ask us about our HR outsourcing and why we should choose Purple Ink, I smile immediately because I know there’s a quick answer to that question. It’s because when you have an HR need… Maybe you need extra hands on deck during a particular time of year. Maybe you need someone to fill in for a role while someone’s gone temporarily or long term. Maybe you’re just looking to outsource your HR department for for the long term. Yes, you can go to a staffing agency and get HR assistance, and you’ll get that one person and the knowledge and experiences that they have. But when you call Purple Ink, when you hire Purple Ink, you get not only that one person who might be your main contact either on-site or remotely, but you get the resources of 20 additional people and their expertise and advice and counsel. So we’ll tell you what the fee is up front and there’s no additional charges when that person needs additional advice. So I think it makes sense to choose us for your HR outsourcing needs.

JoDee Curtis
JoDee Curtis
JoDee Curtis is the Founder of Purple Ink, Powered by Purple Ink, and the ink pad, author of four books in the JoyPowered® series, and co-host of The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast. She has a passion for helping organizations and individuals discover their talents, do more of what they do well through her speaking and training, and find joy in their work.

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