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Women are great models of leadership and can often be better mentors and relationship builders than men. Women bring a fresh outlook and perspective, with a diversity of thought based on their own experiences. They often wear multiple hats – as leaders, wives, and mothers, just to name a few roles – so women have the unique ability to be agile and juggle a lot of priorities. They are also strong at empowering, championing, and celebrating others. According to myriads of research, women leaders also develop higher job satisfaction among their teams, promote gender diversity, bring a higher level of dedication to the job, and deliver different insights and powerful perspectives to help organizations grow.

Women are hungry to break the glass ceiling. They are dedicated, passionate about meaningful work, and want to make a positive difference in the world. Women are inspired to support gender diversity and champion fellow women, as this has helped in the past to gain new leadership opportunities for themselves. In the current post-pandemic environment, the ability to do remote work and have flexible schedules may allow more time for development of women leaders who are juggling multiple balls as corporate leaders, wives, mothers, and other roles.

Why should organizations invest in women leaders? Why is women’s leadership development important?

Gender is perhaps the most salient factor in our personal identity and society has placed different expectations on whether a person happens to be born as a woman or a man. Although great leadership has no gender, the way we interact with the world is often different as a result. Women are not always given the same opportunities to develop their capabilities as men. However, their unique perspectives are invaluable in the workplace and the benefits of leveraging their immense and often untapped talent are well documented. It is as simple as this: when you develop women leaders, you are realizing the full potential of your business.

First of all, leader development at large, regardless of gender, is important. Leadership development helps each of us find a better version of ourselves, since a better ‘me’ is a better ‘we’. It is critical to keep us growing, learning, practicing, and contributing as leaders.

By participating in a women’s leadership development program, the shared experiences are more powerful and impactful. Women face similar challenges like marriage, childbearing, and being the minority representation on the team, so coming together as a group they can help each other find creative, relatable, and useful solutions to personal and professional situations. An all-women’s group breaks down barriers and intimidations, resulting in open, candid conversations. It provides a safe environment to be your authentic self without judgment. In this setting, there is a greater tolerance for criticism, yet a greater willingness to look hard at oneself and grow into a better leader. Women’s leadership programs create lasting relationships among professional women – where they continue to network, mentor, and encourage each other for years to come.

Purple Ink’s Women in Leadership Program was created for women and taught by women. It is a unique and positive experience because for many, it is one of the few times they have shared space and time with other, similarly accomplished and talented women.

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Misty Resendez
Misty Resendez
Misty is Purple Ink's Director of Learning and Development. She is passionate about developing professionals so that they have the tools necessary to enhance their personal drive for success throughout everything they do.

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