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Life is sometimes messy. Life is sometimes hard. We get sucked into the day-to-day, day in, day out. We find ourselves focusing on the circumstances and lose sight of where we’re trying to go. Or we know we want more, but don’t exactly know what that looks like. Where do we go from here?

I believe the most important first step to take is to focus on possibilities and solutions rather than circumstances. Let me set a very real scene from the great Hoosier state. For those of us in Indiana, our weather can certainly have us living in circumstance. The weather has been warming up and the sun has been shining. We get that wonderful feeling that spring has finally sprung. But wait… not so quick. One morning in mid-April, we wake to snow falling, snow on the ground, and colder temperatures. Many very funny memes came out of the woodwork, and let’s just say the undertone was “this stinks.” A few people I know had a rotten day because their mood was one of irritation and annoyance. Others were more lighthearted about the unpredictable Indiana weather. This is a very oversimplified example of circumstance, but I’m confident you get my point. People in the same weather event reacted very differently. They had the same circumstance but viewed it very differently.

Sometimes when we are stuck in circumstance, it is hard for us to recognize that we are just that – stuck. If we don’t focus on possibilities and solutions, we will never honor our true potential. If you have decided that honoring your true potential is exactly what you want to do, how do you get to that point? Start working with a coach!

Having regular coaching sessions means that you can track your progress against your goals, address and overcome any stumbling blocks, and recognize where you are making headway. This gives you vital motivation to keep moving forward. When you start to focus on circumstance, the coach will dig into that and move you away from circumstance and into possibilities and solutions. Once you determine that you want to honor your full potential, it is imperative to focus on the big picture, keeping your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words.

The relationship you have with a trusted coach is one of guidance, encouragement, and challenges. The coach accepts nothing but your best and guides you past self-imposed limitations. The coach helps you close the gap between who you are now and who you want to become. The growth process is accelerated when partnering in this professional relationship. It is important to note that the coach is not a consultant, therapist, or mentor. The coach will support you with proven tools and techniques to reach the goals that you plan together.

During coaching sessions, the coach will ask powerful questions, listen, and give honest feedback. Sometimes the coach will point out things you do not see, help you explore new perspectives, motivate you, and encourage you.

Getting to the point of knowing that you want to value your true potential, knowing who you really are, and knowing who you want to become is HUGE, but simply knowing is not enough. Figuring out how to get there and putting in the work is the important part. A dream is just a dream until it becomes a reality!

If you’d like to chat more about how working with a coach can help you reach your potential, don’t hesitate to reach out to Purple Ink. We’re here to help!

Kim Dinwiddie
Kim Dinwiddie
Kim is the Vice President of Coaching and Consulting Services at Purple Ink. Her passion is providing HR solutions to clients by helping them build their HR infrastructure through technology, compliance, and people.

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