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Purple Ink’s VP of Coaching and Consulting, Kim Dinwiddie, explains the process and deliverables involved in an HR assessment.

Video Transcript:

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Usually an assessment will include interviews with each person responsible for HR duties, a review of internal policies and procedures, an audit of employee files, and an overview of relevant documents such as an employee manual and performance management forms.


A formal assessment should identify where an HR department is being successful and where improvements can be made. Areas typically reviewed include compliance and administration, compensation and benefits, training and development, talent acquisition, performance management, analytics, staffing, and employee relations.


An assessment also includes which items are top priority to address and targeted timelines to complete action on the priorities established.

Kim Dinwiddie
Kim Dinwiddie
Kim is the Vice President of Coaching and Consulting Services at Purple Ink. Her passion is providing HR solutions to clients by helping them build their HR infrastructure through technology, compliance, and people.

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