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September 25, 2023
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Top Trends in HR Right Now

In the past three months, the Purple Ink team has been actively listening to other HR professionals to better understand the trends in the industry and, therefore, the needs of our clients. We’ve attended (and spoken at) National SHRM, SHRM Talent, and HR Indiana.  While the world of work is changing rapidly, HR professionals are clearly in the trenches preparing for and responding to the workforce we serve.

Some Ideas on Where We’re Headed

Hybrid work: HR teams are working with leaders to find ways to make the hybrid system work effectively. This includes developing clear policies and procedures, providing employees with the tools and resources they need, and creating a culture of trust and collaboration. 

Employee experience: As businesses compete for talent, HR professionals and talent acquisition specialists are working to create positive and engaging experiences in the hiring process, throughout onboarding, and for the life of their employment.  

Inclusion and diversity: Diversity and inclusion are essential for creating a successful and sustainable workplace. The work being done in this area is beyond the requisite sensitivity and awareness training. HR teams are working with leadership to develop strategies to attract, retain, and promote diverse talent and to continue to cultivate workplaces that embrace and support a truly diverse culture. 

Wellness and mental health: Employee wellness and mental health are top priorities for many employees. HR is at the helm in developing a wide variety of programs and resources to support employee well-being. 

Technology: Technology is transforming the way HR works. Recruiters, generalists and other HR professionals are finding new technologies to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and make better decisions. 

Data analytics: Like marketing and sales, HR is diving deep into data analytics to make better decisions about hiring, talent development, and retention. 

The rise of the gig economy: The gig economy is here to stay. HR professionals are collaborating with leaders to identify ways to incorporate gig workers. This includes developing flexible policies and offering competitive compensation and benefits. 

What will Impact HR in Years to Come

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI): AI is already being used in HR for tasks such as recruiting, onboarding, and performance management. In the future, AI is expected to play an even greater role in HR, automating even more tasks and freeing up HR professionals to focus on more strategic work. 

The focus on employee well-being: Employee well-being is becoming increasingly important for businesses. HR teams need to develop programs and initiatives to support employee well-being, both physically and mentally. 

The future of work: The future of work is uncertain, but HR teams can prepare for it by being agile and adaptable. This includes staying up-to-date on the latest trends and being willing to experiment with new ideas. 

The future of HR is full of possibilities. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing the latest trends, HR professionals can help their organizations thrive in the years to come. Purple Ink is a full-service HR consulting firm that helps businesses meet all of their HR needs: talent acquisition, outsourcing, consulting, and training. We’re here to help you navigate the change. Reach out to learn more.

Christine Burrows
Christine Burrows
Christine is the Vice President of Strategy and Operations for Powered by Purple Ink. Meeting and connecting with new people is in her DNA, and leading a national network of people professionals puts her in her zone.

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