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October 11, 2021
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May 5, 2022
About Anna

Activator | Individualization | Empathy | Strategic | Ideation

Anna is a Senior Talent Advisor at Purple Ink. She’s skilled at helping recruiting clients with their talent acquisition strategies and placing the right people in the right roles. She’s passionate about serving the underserved, and she leverages her insider knowledge as a recruiter to help her career coaching clients find the right career fit.

More about Anna:
  • Spent a few years in the education sector and worked with Chick-fil-A in marketing, human resources, and recruiting capacities
  • Spent time in the tech industry building an HR department from the ground up, hiring and consulting at every level of the organization
  • Graduated from Anderson University (Go Ravens!)
  • Loves going on family adventures to new places
  • Enjoys baking and doing crafts with her kids


Anna's Certifications

Emily Miller
Emily Miller
Emily is Purple Ink’s Director of Marketing. She enjoys being able to exercise both her creative side and her analytical side, and as a Learner, loves helping to create new services and tactics and discovering the best ways to share them with the community.