Individual Career Coaching

Is the job hunt getting you down? Do you feel like your applications are going to a black hole? Are you getting interviews but never the job?

Maybe you’re a student or recent grad looking for guidance on getting started in your career. Maybe you haven’t been on a job search in 10 years and you aren’t sure where or how to start. Maybe you’re planning for retirement and want ideas for activities since you're not going into the office every day.

On-call career coaching means you can call an expert for answers to your questions. We walk by your side with an experienced recruiter’s eye, teaching you how to navigate the job search, coaching and encouraging you on your journey.

Individual Career Coaching Packages

$450 JoyPowered® Job Jump Start

Kick-start your career search with help and encouragement from an expert career coach.

  • Initial strategy call
  • The JoyPowered® Job Hunter's Toolkit
    • Résumé revamp/revision
    • Cover letter template
    • LinkedIn strategy and feedback on your profile
    • Pro tips and tactics for applying to jobs, networking, marketing your personal brand, following up with recruiters
    • Links to resources to keep you sharp and motivated
  • Interview tips and worksheets
  • On-call career coaching for 30 days

Interview coaching sessions can be arranged for an additional cost.

$350 Measure Your Motivations

Discover what drives you by taking the Strong Interest Inventory® OR the CliftonStrengths® Assessment, and discuss your results with an expert.

Option 1: Strong Interest Inventory®

You’ll take the Strong Interest Inventory®, a widely used and respected career planning assessment, and have a counseling session with a certified assessment interpreter to analyze what kinds of positions or activities might fit your unique interests and personality styles.

Option 2: CliftonStrengths®

You’ll take the CliftonStrengths® Assessment, a respected tool developed by Gallup researchers that is widely used in businesses and organizations around the world, and have a coaching session with a CliftonStrengths® coach to understand your Signature Strengths and how to leverage them personally, professionally, and during your job search.

$650 Deep Dive – Save $150 by purchasing both individual career coaching packages at once!

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