Outplacement Services

Why offer outplacement?

Employees using outplacement find positions 60% faster, which reduces your unemployment costs. Outplaced employees are less likely to sue the company, saving you legal fees and time responding to claims. Remaining employees are more satisfied and productive when the company treats departing coworkers respectfully and with compassion. Companies who offer outplacement have higher Net Promoter Scores and higher ratings on social media, which helps to recruit new employees.

What is on-call career coaching?

Unexpected job loss and the subsequent re-entry into the job market shakes people’s confidence, leaves them full of questions and concerns. On-call career coaching gives your former employee a trusted expert to help them navigate through the emotional and tactical challenges of today’s job market. We walk by their side with an experienced recruiter’s eye, coaching and encouraging them on their journey.

Throughout the process they will be looking for expert advice on a variety of topics. They feel more confident knowing they can contact us to:

  • Prepare them for an interview
  • Help with messaging on why they are unemployed
  • Advise them on how to negotiate salary
  • Help with personal branding
  • Provide candid feedback on their presentation
  • Help with salary negotiation

ServicesJoyPowered® 45: $995JoyPowered® 90: $1,995JoyPowered® 180: $2,995
Ongoing coaching✓ 45 days✓ 90 days✓ 180 days
Advice and strategies on topics like:
   - Your elevator pitch
   - Effective networking
   - Résumé review
   - LinkedIn best practices
   - Job search strategies
   - Interview tips and preparation
   - Salary negotiation
   - Personal branding
Résumé revision
Free tickets to Purple Ink workshops on topics like CliftonStrengths®, interview prep, and more
Invitations to training and development opportunities
One assessment (CliftonStrengths®, Strong Interest Inventory®, or DiSC®) and coaching session
One additional assessment (CliftonStrengths®, Strong Interest Inventory®, or DiSC®) and coaching session

Need more job search advice? Additional coaching sessions can be purchased with any package.

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