Compensation Services

It’s important that you pay your people fairly, equitably, and competitively. Compensation impacts every aspect of your talent strategy, from attracting new talent to retaining the high performers you already have on your team. Purple Ink can assist you with your compensation strategy in a variety of areas. We subscribe to employer-reported databases, giving us access to more detailed and accurate data than you’ll find searching the internet yourself.

Compensation Benchmarking
Whether you're looking for information on an individual job level or organizational level, we can help you benchmark your compensation. With our affordable market benchmarking services, we will work together to review job matches so you know you are getting reliable information in the labor market. Using employer-reported databases, we benchmark data against industry-specific and location-specific data to ensure competitiveness and equity. We will provide the data so you can make offers, determine promotion dollars, and provide feedback to recruiters.
Compensation Philosophy Creation and Review
Do you have a compensation strategy? We can help you decide what philosophy you want to follow! We’ll have conversations about your culture, where you want your compensation to be, and your economic outlook. Then, we can make recommendations for how to create or adjust your compensation philosophy to match.
Pay Equity Analysis
Pay equity is the concept that equal work deserves equal pay no matter the person, race, gender identity, or age. Equal pay for equal work has been legislated since 1963 with the Equal Pay Act. We can analyze your compensation practices to determine whether you’re paying your team equitably. If we find that you need to course correct, we’ll offer recommendations for how to do so – including strategies for pay increases if your budget doesn’t allow for them to be increased all at once.
Compensation Communication Strategy
How you tell your staff about your compensation strategy is key. We can help you create a plan for communicating with your team so that they understand where you’re coming from.
Ongoing Compensation Strategy Review
To keep up with changes, you should be looking at your compensation strategy once a year at a minimum. In times of high numbers of resignations and strong competition, it’s often necessary to conduct analysis more frequently. To keep employees engaged, it’s important to make them feel valued, appreciated, and taken care of. Keeping up with compensation benchmarks and best practices is a great way to get there.

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