HR Consulting: Building a Strong Foundation

Organizational HR Assessments

Our Organizational HR Assessment is a collaborative process where we review your current HR practices and policies and then provide you with a snap-shot of current successes and how you might improve HR functions in the future. The HR assessment will begin with a meeting with your HR team and/or other leaders to learn about your needs and current processes; we will also review any applicable documents like employee handbooks, job descriptions, etc. Afterwards, we prepare a report with top priorities for action, how Purple Ink might assist with recommended actions, as well as general observations and opportunities for improvement moving forward.

HR Policies and Best Practices

Effective, efficient HR functions play a pivotal role in organizational success. From regulatory compliance, to talent acquisition and management, to benefit programs or more – we can assess a specific area of HR functionality in your organization to evaluate current processes against best practices. Depending on where we find gaps, we can help implement updates to create world-class HR programs in your company.

Employee Handbooks

Having a handbook that accurately reflects expectations of employees and your culture can be a powerful internal communication tool. Don’t get stuck with canned, verbose, legalese policies that bore and confuse your employees. We’ll create from scratch a concise, tailored document for your company. We can also edit an existing handbook to better reflect your culture and ensure it has updated language for any regulations that might impact your organization.

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions are one of the main tools for communicating position expectations to employees. We can prepare new job descriptions, or edit existing ones, that accurately reflect the duties of the position and ensure compliance with applicable legislation such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our interactive process may involve conversation with the employee, observation of the job, as well as discussion with the supervisor.

Recruiting Programs and Practices

Whether unemployment is low or high, hiring the right people has become more important than ever. We can help with any part of your recruiting process, from developing compelling job postings, to sourcing for passive candidates, to helping you shorten your time to fill an opening. We can also take on your recruiting process from start to finish or help you create and maintain the perfect process to use on your own.


Your employees’ engagement is heavily influenced in their first 90 days with your company. Successful onboarding programs should start upon acceptance of an employment offer. We can create a program that will wow your new employee right from the start, help them quickly assimilate into your culture, and get them contributing right away. We will partner with you and develop a roadmap tailored to your organization’s needs which will reduce new employee turnover and improve employee engagement and productivity.

Sourcing Strategies

Most of the American workforce is open to a new job, but only a small percentage are actively applying. Sometimes we want very specific qualifications that make the candidate a good fit. Even if you have an amazing job ad, simply “posting and praying” keeps your field of possible candidates narrow. We’ll help you learn some strategies to reach the passive candidates who fit your qualifications, so you have the best chance of finding the perfect fit.