HR Consulting: Project Based

Succession Planning

Does your organization have a plan for when key positions are vacated by existing employees? Whether your organization has never created a succession plan or needs to update a past plan, Purple Ink can help evaluate critical success factors for key roles, assess and determine current talent pipelines, and implement a plan of action. This future-focused practice of identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform key functions is critical to sustainability. Developing a plan to prepare individuals to take over those functions reduces your risk and increases the retention of key employees.

Employee Engagement Programs

Are your team members JoyPowered®? Are they working within their strengths? Studies have shown that engaged employees perform better, which impacts your organization’s success and profitability. Engaged employees have a positive effect on their co-workers as well as customers. Purple Ink will work with you to create and match your organization with the right employee engagement program to improve working relationships and increase productivity.

FLSA Requirements

Are your employees categorized correctly as either eligible for overtime pay or not? The Department of Labor has certain requirements that must be met in order to be exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay. Purple Ink can help audit positions in your organization to determine the appropriate Fair Labor Standards Act classifications and ensure your company is complying with this important requirement.


Position competencies are the measurable or observable knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors critical to successful job performance. Competencies of your team are related to their individual strengths. Purple Ink can work with you to help identify these critical elements for your specific company and each individual role. Defining competencies will help you determine the right fit for employees and help them see a clear path for growth with your company.

HRIS Selection and Implementation

The task to purchase or change a Human Resources Information System is daunting. We can assess your organizational needs and wants, determine your budget, figure out your technological and time constraints, and then identify 3 to 7 HRIS programs that best fit those parameters. Next we will spearhead an internal, cross-functional project team to help think outside the HR box, demo the selection and select the best available product for you.

HR Investigations

When employees raise concerns or allegations in your workplace, do you have a skilled investigator, at the ready, to drop everything and dig in? A trained Purple Ink investigator brings credibility and objectivity from the launch through the conclusion of every investigation. Engaging Purple Ink ensures a well thought out investigative plan executed on with confidentiality, findings that are well documented, and appropriate corrective actions considered.