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Do you lie awake at night wondering if you are paying your employees competitively? Do you have competitive pay data for new positions? Do you have trouble recruiting for positions and need to ensure your offers are competitive?

Let us be your trusted partner for your compensation solutions. With our market benchmarking, you will receive competitive data and we will work together to review job matches so you know you are getting reliable information in the labor market.

We will provide the data so you can make offers, determine promotion dollars and provide feedback to recruiting. Our compensation services are affordable. We benchmark single job titles for $255. We also offer full-department benchmarking to meet your needs.

CompAnalyst –

CompAnalyst Market Data delivers accurate, up-to-date market pricing information from 16 countries in real time across a variety of industries. The HR-reported global pay data leverages traditional compensation survey data, along with machine learning-powered insights, to deliver market pay rates across hundreds of thousands of scopes.

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