HR Consulting: HR On Call

Performance Management

Effective performance management processes develop goals and create conversation amongst your teams to achieve success. Our process will provide you with the tools you need to address performance issues regularly, objectively, and effectively while maintaining compliance and documentation requirements to reduce the risk to your business. Purple Ink can create and implement a tool that will help your organization operate optimally.

Employee Relations

Handling employee issues and investigations objectively is integral to a compliant and fair workplace. Hiring a 3rd party to support this function makes smart business sense. Maybe you have a 1-time issue such as an employee termination that requires an additional witness or a report of harassment that needs to be investigated. Perhaps your organization might benefit from fully outsourcing this function. We manage all employee relations impartially and consistently.

FMLA Management

Is FMLA management falling to the bottom of someone’s to do list at your organization? Purple Ink can help streamline the FMLA process and avoid any delay to keep you in line with federal and state requirements. Whether you decide to outsource the entire process to us, or ask us to help train an internal FMLA manager, we can save you time and money and most importantly give you peace of mind that you are consistent, compliant and responsible with leave management.

Benefit Program Support

Open enrollment, new hires and employee questions are always around every corner (and clogging your email!). Let Purple Ink be an extension of your benefit team. We can help answer daily email or phone calls from employees or be onsite to present annual benefit packages or onboard your staff. We feel strongly that all employees need to understand and truly utilize their benefits to their fullest potential and can help make sure that’s the case at your organization!

Exit Interviews

Employees who leave your organization can provide a wealth of information about their experience at your organization through an exit interview. Outsourcing this function to a 3rd party like Purple Ink is an intelligent way for businesses to get more open, honest feedback. We can perform exit interviews over the phone, in person, and/or administer electronic surveys. We can also help create ideal questions that give your organization the ability to capture this valuable data.


How you exit employees, whether voluntary or involuntary, leaves a real impression on those leaving, and also with your remaining employees. Offering support and guidance with this difficult transition can instill a great deal of good will for all parties. We use our core value of Positivity to help with resume and interview preparation, career guidance and assessments, job search skills, and networking. Our Flexibility allows us to structure our services to fit your needs, culture and budget.


Our vast assortment of available assessments includes skills-based options (such as Microsoft Excel), or behavioral choices (such as effective customer service), as well as personality assessments like StrengthsFinder. Whether you need a tool to make sure your organization is recruiting the right employee or are looking for a teambuilding tool and a way for managers to interact with employees more effectively – we have an assessment to fit your need. Our assessments won’t break the bank either, many can be purchased for under $50.


Purple Ink’s compliance experts can help guide your organization to adhere to applicable regulations correctly. Not sure which regulations apply to your business? We can help figure that out too. We can provide guidance on dozens of different regulations including FMLA, FLSA, ADA, EEOC, OSHA, and more. Avoid costly penalties and fees to your business by staying ahead of the curve on regulations with Purple Ink’s assistance.