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Client Event: “Fine-Tuning Your Leadership Skills for Managers and Consultants”

August 11, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This closed training series will be led by Purple Ink Owner JoDee Curtis.

CliftonStrengths® 1
Gallup researchers have spent 50 years studying the secret to success, excellence and world-class performance. Their conclusion: Leverage your strengths! Companies, organizations and institutions are gradually transforming their workplaces from weakness-fixing to strengths-based cultures. In this workshop you will explore the theory behind the CliftonStrengths® assessment, how to understand your own Signature Strengths, and how to leverage strengths (yours and others) personally and professionally to achieve your greatest potential in the workplace. Discover why almost 16,000,000 people have taken the CliftonStrengths® assessment and how it is leading to greater employee engagement in the workplace.

CiftonStrengths® 2
Once employees have a solid sense of the value of their unique strengths, they are ready to leverage this power to create well-rounded teams of excellence in the workplace! CliftonStrengths® 2 takes a deep dive into the four domains of team strengths (executing, influencing, relationship building, strategic thinking) and the critical role these domains play in achieving success. Mutual appreciation for the value of individual strengths for the benefit of the whole transforms teams into an effective organism capable of world-class performance.

Feed Forward
The term feedback bears a historically negative connotation, conjuring up visions of difficult conversations about bad employee performance. This session will introduce the process of feed-forward – productive and positive performance discussions focused on future behavioral changes and continuation of excellent behaviors. The feed-forward process highlights methods for communicating through varied approaches. Feed-forward is a development opportunity for both the giver and receiver of information. Communication cannot be one-sided; leaders must be open to feed-forward information as well. Barriers to providing feed-forward information, as well as skills to overcome them, will be covered (i.e. “I’m worried about how he or she will respond”). This feed-forward session also includes skills to set clear expectations at the beginning of a project, making it easier to coach, share, and develop others.

Time Management and Goal Setting
During this session, participants will understand the impact of setting goals and managing their time effectively to achieve their goals, both personal and professional. The group will share their current time management habits – both successes and pitfalls – and brainstorm practical approaches to improve their current issues. Also covered are ways to limit procrastination as well as how to better prioritize and plan.

Effective Delegation
The art of effectively delegating work to team members is critical to an optimally functioning organization. Yet, high potential individual contributors are often promoted to leadership positions without the skills or knowledge to delegate. In this session, leaders will identify what it means to be intentional and deliberate about delegating and how to achieve a positive dynamic in which all parties share accountability and control. Participants will explore the value of delegation and its benefits to all parties and the organization as a whole. Participants will also analyze how to overcome internal or external barriers to delegation (i.e. “I can do the work better than anyone else”).

Creative Problem Solving
“Who, me? But, I’m not at all creative!” How often do you hear those words? Studies show that most adults use no more than a fraction, perhaps 10%, of their creative potential each day. Creativity is not something we’re born with; it isn’t a talent or a strength; and it’s rarely a requirement for hire. But it certainly is necessary to achieve success and excellence in your work! The good news is that creativity is a skill that can be learned and developed. A combination of knowledge, imagination and evaluation, creativity flows from the right information, combined with the natural talents of every individual. Through this workshop, you will tap into your unique creative potential and learn how to put creativity to work, especially in the area of problem solving.

Conflict Management
Participants will learn about the positives and negatives of different types of conflict and explore model for conflict resolution and identify which strategies are most effective. This session takes into account how different personality styles approach conflict and whether those differences create conflict. The group will understand why it’s important not to avoid disagreements and develop a plan for how to navigate conflict positively.

Meeting Skills
Running an effective meeting is an art! And you can develop the skills to be a master at it. In this one-hour workshop you will dissect the five most common complaints about meetings, then move on to the eight steps to an engaging, efficient and effective meeting. From clear expectations, to a disciplined agenda, all the way to an appropriate follow-up, you will learn the secrets of an expert meeting style that impresses and delivers.


August 11, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm