JoyPowered® Leadership is Purple Ink's leadership training program for current and aspiring business leaders across all sectors. In the program, professionals looking to grow their leadership, skills, and knowledge meet virtually once a month. The group will learn from experienced leadership trainers, discuss relevant topics, network with other leaders, and have an opportunity to ask questions and get advice on management, leadership, and coaching.

In addition to these monthly leadership learning sessions, members of the program will receive:

  • Two one-hour individual coaching sessions (valued at $500)
  • A minimum of 7 continuing education and/or SHRM recertification credits
  • A free signed copy of The JoyPowered® Team
  • Accountability partners and a community of leaders across business units
  • Experienced leadership trainers
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Access to the JoyPowered® Leadership LinkedIn group, where you can interact with members of your cohort, past certified JoyPowered® leaders, and the Purple Ink team
  • Tools and resources designed to help you achieve excellence
  • Certification as a JoyPowered® Leader
  • 20% off JoyPowered® merchandise

You can join the program for just $2,200!

  • The JoyPowered® Leadership program was a great opportunity to meet leaders from other organizations and hear their point of view and how their company is handling the different issues that leaders face.
  • JoyPowered® Leadership is a comprehensive professional development program. Whether you are an aspiring leader or experienced leader, you will learn more about yourself and how others work. In addition, you’ll be enlightened with tips to be more effective in the workplace.
  • The JoyPowered® Leadership program allowed me to open up to other professionals and learn how to become a better leader through effective listening skills, tips on delegating, providing meaningful feedback and so much more! I would highly recommend!
  • The JoyPowered® Leadership program provided tools and techniques to tackle difficult, yet critical workplace topics. I enjoyed the different perspectives and experiences my cohorts shared, and the expanded network this program has provided.
  • Throughout the duration of the program, I felt that the Purple Ink team was highly organized and professional in their communications and classroom sessions, and proved highly adaptable when we went from a classroom to virtual environment practically overnight. In addition to the relevant discussion topics, the content was presented in a way that was engaging and thought-provoking. I liked that we were supplied with materials and supplemental information prior to and after each class to help us synthesize and utilize the information we learned, and so that introverts like me could think about the topic beforehand and feel more comfortable participating in the classroom discussion.
  • Attending the JoyPowered® Leadership class was very enjoyable and beneficial. The best part about the class was being able to bounce ideas off other professionals and understand how they handled different situations. Listening to other individuals speak about their experiences, you realize you aren’t alone.
  • As a new professional, it was very helpful to hear and learn from my peers' experiences in the class. This gave me new perspectives on how to handle situations that I may encounter in the future.
  • Participating in the program was a good reminder of how much there (still!) is to learn about different topics and that everyone has a different perspective. Being in HR for the last five years and participating in different employer affinity groups led me to believe I had a pretty good idea of what Diversity & Inclusion meant, but I realized during our D&I session that there were several unconscious biases and alternative perspectives I hadn't considered. Given the state our society is in and our responsibility as a community to further our inclusion efforts and educate ourselves about those different than us, I thought that session was particularly pertinent and am grateful for what I learned about myself because of it.
  • As a participant in the JoyPowered® Leadership Development program, my experience with the program was very positive. The program topics were relevant and applicable, which allowed all participants, regardless of industry or company size, to contribute to the learnings and conversation. The program provided a good mix of self-development and professional development. The program was a great opportunity to meet and network with fellow professionals and learn best practices from each other, as well as work through current challenges in our individual workplaces.

JoyPowered® Leadership Session Topics Include:

  • JoyPowered®
  • CliftonStrengths®
  • Effective Delegation
  • Leading Effective Meetings
  • Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Harassment-Free Workspaces
  • Giving and Receiving Feedforward Information
  • Conflict Management
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • The Five Behaviors®
In addition to training on these topics, cohort members will learn from podcasts, in-class discussions, small groups, videos, and more!

Convince Your Boss

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Our 2021-2022 cohort is full. Stay tuned for information on the 2022-2023 cohort!

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