Many organizations get excited about our CliftonStrengths® training, but struggle to keep their strengths alive afterwards. To help with this, Purple Ink is excited to offer clients a monthly JoyPowered® Strengths toolkit. Subscribers will receive a monthly email and accompanying activity that encourages strengths-based thinking and discussion. Some activities will ask individuals to reflect on their own strengths, while others will reflect on team members’ strengths, and there will be plenty of team collaboration in between. The exercises will be designed to be completed individually, completed with a team member, or used as a short activity in a team/staff meeting.

In addition to the monthly activity, twice a month you will receive an email highlighting a different strength - forward these emails to those with the strength, or send to the whole team and include a list of the employees with that strength. This will help your team get to know each strength and understand how a specific strength might affect a team member’s perspective or approach to the day to day.

Our fee for this toolkit is only $50 per month, or $550 for an annual subscription (one payment). Take advantage of this great way to keep your CliftonStrengths® alive!

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