Management Essentials Training Series

Let Purple Ink lead your management development efforts with an interactive training series! Our Management Essentials series consists of five interactive sessions based on proven, best-practice management techniques and methods that will equip managers with the necessary skills to lead great teams.

Utilizing the CliftonStrengths® assessment, designed to help you discover your natural ways of working and your strengths, professionals in this program will meet virtually with leadership experts to discuss relevant topics, network with other leaders, and get advice on everyday leadership challenges. This assessment provides a common language that can be used to help individuals better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors in relating and working with others. It will be a foundational element to support all components of the training.

This is a three-month program that will meet virtually via Zoom every three weeks on Thursday.

In addition to five training sessions, members of the program will receive:

  • The CliftonStrengths® assessment
  • Certificate of completion

You can join the program for just $1,150!


2024 Cohort Dates

Virtually every three weeks on Thursdays | 11 am - 1 pm

Cohort 1: March 7 • March 28 • April 18 • May 9 • May 30
Cohort 2: September 10 • October 1 • October 22 • November 12 • December 3

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Management Essentials Session Topics:

  • Discover Your Strengths
  • Cultivating Inclusion and Belonging
  • Time Management and Goal Setting
  • Giving and Receiving Feed Forward
  • Building Successful Teams


  • I wasn’t sure what to expect when our boss signed us up for the class, but I really ended up enjoying it! The class was well organized and broken down into smaller chunks that were easily digestible. I loved doing the DiSC profile to understand myself better, but also to understand my co-workers better. It’s amazing how closely our team fit into the different categories. We still refer back to the different styles in conversations and I truly believe that it has helped us to recognize characteristics that may have been larger frustrations before. Now, with understanding each person’s style, we are able to approach our teammates in a different way so that frustrations and/or hurt feelings are kept to a minimum. I also thought that the check-ins with employees was a valuable take away, as well as the session on how to deliver constructive feedback in a way. -- Management 101 Series Participant
  • The series was a wonderful tool in order to help grow my management skills. The trainer was knowledgeable and kept the training classes entertaining. The way the course was structured with an easy flow to demonstrate how to create trust and understanding with your team gave more insight on how to handle any challenges that might be faced in the future.  The examples given from other companies in the training were beneficial in the fact that these instances happen at every work place which didn’t make them seem so singled out. There were also several ideas presented by other groups that we have implemented in our office which are working well. Thank you Purple Ink for the new skills! -- Management 101 Series Participant
  • I enjoyed the personal assessment and workplace profile that allowed me to become more aware of my styles/preferences and how best to identify profiles of others and better communicate with them. I learned some techniques to conduct better interviews and employee reviews. My favorite takeaways were getting to know the styles and preferences of my teammates to improve our communication. -- Management 101 Series Participant
  • The thing I most enjoyed about the class was seeing and learning that other managers struggle with the same obstacles as me but that there are so many techniques available to overcome those. Being able to take all the lessons from so many new people and apply those to my everyday tasks was a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed being able to share new ideas and meet new faces. -- Management 101 Series Participant


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