Outplacement Services

When you make the difficult decision to let employees go, it’s beneficial for both the exiting employee and your organization to offer them career transition assistance, or outplacement.

Employees using outplacement find positions 60% faster, reducing unemployment costs for your organization. They’re also more likely to leave with positive feelings toward your organization, which may save you time and legal fees. And your remaining employees are more satisfied and productive when they see your organization treating their departing coworkers with respect and compassion.

Purple Ink’s consultants will walk by your departing team members’ sides with an experienced recruiter’s eye, coaching and encouraging them on their career search journey.

All packages include advice and strategies on topics like:

  • Your elevator pitch

  • Effective networking

  • Résume review

  • LinkedIn best practices

  • Job search strategies

  • Interview tips and preparation

  • Salary negoation

  • Personal branding

    If the services listed above aren’t quite what you’re looking for, please reach out to us.
    We’d love to chat about how we might create a unique solution customized for you.

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