Outsourced and Fractional HR

When you outsource HR to Purple Ink, we operate as a member of your organization and can handle some or all your HR functions. And you don’t just get one HR expert. Our outsourced consultants have access to our full team as a resource, meaning you can benefit from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise.

Operate as your HR department
Not ready for an internal HR staff yet? We’re here for you! We can answer your human resources questions and help out with HR tasks. This could mean we’re on-site with your team for a set number of hours per week, or we could just be on call in case something comes up. And if your team grows and you decide to hire your own HR professional, we can help with the transition.
Fill in for an HR team member going on a leave of absence
If someone on your HR team is going on medical or parental leave, serving in the military, or will be temporarily absent for another reason, we can help. Our consultant will fill your absent team member’s role to keep things running while they’re gone, and we’ll help get them back up to speed once they get back.
Handle a long-term project
If your team has a large HR project but no bandwidth to get it done, we can take over. We’ll handle the project and help free up your time so you can focus on other priorities.
Evaluate your HR staffing needs and strategy
Ready to hire HR staff, but not sure what your needs are? Our experienced consultants can take on your human resources function, and in the process, assess your HR strategy and staffing needs. We’ll tell you the skills and competencies your HR staff will need and make strategy recommendations. We can even help with hiring and onboarding new staff members.
Take over some of your recruiting
Do you have a backlog of positions to fill? Expecting to fill a high volume of positions as your organization enters a growth period? A Purple Ink team member can work either short-term or long-term as a representative of your organization, using your systems, to help fill those positions faster.

If the services listed above aren’t quite what you’re looking for, please reach out to us.
We’d love to chat about how we might create a unique solution customized for you.

True stories about our outsourced and fractional HR services

  • “In my role as HR Director, I have trusted Purple Ink with various projects to support our organization’s needs. One of their team members filled in a critical role that was vacant in my department. Peggy jumped right in, learned our business and helped us meet our hiring goals. Her colleague Stacy assisted us with this goal as well. Both brought their “A” game to us and were exactly who we needed!” – Google Review
  • “Purple Ink…stayed with us for three months while we were in [the process] of finding a new person. It took a huge weight off of me. It was just me and the HR Manager at the time, and it was a little intimidating as to how I was going to be able to keep up with everything and make sure that nothing was being dropped. Having Purple Ink working alongside me and picking up right where someone else left off and adapting to our culture was just great.” – Monique Charlebois, Morales Group Staffing

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