Purple Ink Outsourcing Services

A JoyPowered® workplace means you can get HR help whenever you need it. Our HR team is ready to staff any HR position from Benefits Administrators, to HR Assistants, Directors, Managers, and more. We can support you on a wide variety of projects and functions, including but not limited to, those listed below.


Temporary HR vacancies, short- or long-term leaves | Temporary coverage for a departing employee | Emergencies or unexpected leaves, even with short notice | Serving as extra help on projects

Outsourcing a Function

FMLA and leaves of absence administration | Open enrollment and/or benefits administration | Recruiting | Training facilitation and/or program creation | Exit interviews | Outplacement

Outsourcing a Project

Job description development and FLSA analysis | Salary and benefits benchmarking | Creation of behavioral competencies | Compliance auditing | Recruiting processes | Onboarding procedures | Employee engagement programs | Performance management programs | Coaching or assessments

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