People First Strategic Leadership Series

What keeps certain companies standing strong year after year, while others fall away? While many factors contribute to a company's longevity, the presence—or absence—of caring and compassionate leaders plays a particularly critical role. The future of business requires organizations to adopt a people-first view of leadership. Purple Ink's People-First Strategic Leadership training program allows current and aspiring business leaders to grow their leadership skills while learning about how to maximize their individual strengths.

Utilizing the CliftonStrengths® assessment, designed to help you discover your natural ways of working and your strengths, professionals in this program will meet virtually with leadership experts to discuss relevant topics, network with other leaders, and get advice on everyday leadership challenges. The series consists of six interactive sessions AND two individual, one-on-one coaching sessions that take a deep dive into key components of successful leadership development.

This is a three-month program that will meet virtually via Zoom.

In addition to six training sessions, members of the program will receive:


You can join the program for just $1,550!


2024 Cohort Dates

Every other Tuesday beginning February 13 and ending April 23 • 11 am - 1 pm


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People First Strategic Leadership Session Topics:

Discovering Your Strengths
  • Discover your strengths through the CliftonStrengths® profile
  • Learn how to apply your unique mix of strengths to achieve goals and stay JoyPowered®
  • Develop the capacity to become a more conscious leader who can lead with purpose, motivate your team, and create positive change
Interviewing and Onboarding
  • Learn and apply behavior-based interviewing techniques using the STAR model to help select the best candidate for your organization and job
  • Explore strategic onboarding practices to quickly acclimate new hires to the organization and their role
Developing the Talents of Others
  • Prepare a leadership development plan that helps prepare you for your leadership journey
  • Focus how you will address work and the efforts of others by successfully managing time, prioritizing tasks, and effectively delegating responsibilities
Managing Conflict
  • Understand the fundamentals of conflict resolution and learn how to harness the power of positive conflict
Problem Solving
  • Discuss tools to effectively solve problems and explore dialogue skills that help you hold crucial conversations
JoyPowered Networking
  • Discover skills to expand your community (internally and externally), demonstrate interest, and build trust
  • Learn the competencies involved in being an effective networker and how to apply them
  • Learn to use your network more effectively in a virtual environment

Questions About People First Strategic Leadership?

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