Nonprofit Recruiting

Nonprofit recruitment strategies differ in many ways from traditional recruiting practices. For instance, many companies appeal to candidates with their strong corporate identity, while nonprofits emphasize an opportunity to partake in a mission, like empowering or advocating for others or addressing critical service needs for marginalized populations or communities. Consider hiring a firm with experience sourcing and recruiting for nonprofits and a firm that has an extensive network of nonprofit leaders.

Passionate for Mission & Culture

Finding the right candidate for your nonprofit goes beyond skills and expertise. We know how to look for a candidate who is ready to advocate for your mission and fits into your company culture.

Add Expertise

Purple Ink knows recruiting, from properly vetting applicants to having the ability to lead and inspire your team.

Previous Experience

We have helped nonprofits find CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, and HR Directors. Our experience has given us an understanding of how nonprofits work and what nonprofits need.


Hiring a new team member is not always a fast or inexpensive process. A Purple Ink recruiter will help you find candidates in the shortest amount of time, and you can have confidence that your resources are within limits and are entrusted to good stewards.

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