Purple Ink Leadership Training Series

Purple Ink offers several training series on key workplace topics throughout the year. Learn more about the programs and how to join this year's cohorts below. Reach out to us for more information about how we can bring these programs into your organization!

People First Strategic Leadership Series (February - July 2023)

Purple Ink's People-First Strategic Leadership training program allows current and aspiring business leaders to grow their leadership skills while learning about how to maximize their individual strengths.

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Inclusive Skills for the Workplace Series (April - September 2023)

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment makes it acceptable to have differences of opinions, differences of thoughts, and different ways of working. The important task for an organization is to capture this and put it to work.

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Management 101 Series (June - November 2023)

Let Purple Ink lead your management development efforts with an interactive training series! Our Management 101 series consists of six interactive sessions based upon proven, best-practice management techniques and methods that will equip managers with the necessary skills to lead great teams.

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Women in Leadership: Ready to Represent Series (August 2023 - January 2024)

This program was created for women by women, addressing the needs and challenges of today’s female leaders. The series is perfect for leaders at all levels—emerging leaders, experienced managers, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to grow, develop, and maximize their leadership capabilities.

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Power Up Your Strengths

Power Up Your Strengths is a certification program designed to help you become better equipped to bring out the talents of others. Inspired by the CliftonStrengths® assessment, you’ll finish the program ready to help people do what they do best. And you’ll enjoy doing so, too!

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