Hardiness & Resilience Training Series

Do you want to become less likely to suffer from burnout and more resilient to change?

Research shows that cultivating characteristics of hardiness, or how you respond to stressful and unexpected situations, will help you do just that. Having high hardiness doesn’t mean you won’t get stressed, but people who are higher in hardiness are less likely to experience the negative effects of stress on health and performance.

In this series, we’ll discuss what hardiness means and how it can help you turn stress into success.

Two Options for Receiving the Training

Price includes a hardiness assessment plus one 45-minute personal coaching. Course is also available for 4 SHRM credits!


Company Training for 8 – 15 People: $6,500


Individual in Public Training: $575/person; 15% off for 2 from the same company


2024 Public Training Cohort Dates

September 10 • 12 • 17 • 19 | Noon - 1 pm | Virtual

Session Topics Include:

  • The History, the Purpose, and Defining Resilience and Hardiness

  • Challenge

  • Commitment

  • Control


    Questions About Hardiness & Resilience?


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