Workshops for Building a Better Workplace

CliftonStrengths® 3: Deepening Your Strengths-Based Culture

Once you have experienced both CliftonStrengths® workshops (one and two), you can reinforce the CliftonStrengths® conversation in the workplace with ongoing exercises to deepen the transformation to a Strengths-based culture.

Harassment-Free Workspaces

Today, more than ever, it is imperative for employers and employees to understand their organization’s vision of a positive work culture. Regardless of a person’s role in the company, each employee must be held accountable for the law and for their responsibility to uphold the company’s values, particularly in the areas of diversity, inclusion and anti-harassment standards. This session will include an exploration of basic laws, a presentation of case studies, and a look at the influence of pop culture and social media surrounding these topics. Most especially, a discussion of what you can do to promote a positive culture will be covered.

JoyPowered® Workspaces

Are you settling for a tolerable workspace? In this session, JoDee Curtis, SHRM-SCP, CPA, challenges you to make yourself and your workspace JoyPowered®! Discover how to create a dynamic and inspired workspace by focusing on strengths instead of fixating on weaknesses. The JoyPowered® philosophy helps organizations and individuals understand how to structure their relationships and environments to focus on their strengths, bringing out the best in others and themselves. A healthy work culture doesn’t have to start at the top; an inspired workspace starts with YOU!

Conflict Management

Participants will learn about the positives and negatives of different types of conflict and explore model for conflict resolution and identify which strategies are most effective.  This session takes into account how different personality styles approach conflict and whether those differences create conflict.  The group will understand why it’s important not to avoid disagreements and develop a plan for how to navigate conflict positively.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Hidden Bias

“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” - Verna Myers. We believe in organizations that place value on respect and dignity in their environments. Diversity is the representation of all our varied identities and differences in the workplace. This training is designed to engage, question and draw on a variety of perspectives. Inclusion = uniqueness + belonging. We believe that through affirming our similarities, as well as valuing our unique differences, we can build cultures of belonging by inviting participation of all people. Lastly, we will learn that we all possess bias, and in that learning we’re taking an important step in understanding the roots of stereotypes that can lead to prejudice. It’s only when we examine our own hidden bias, we can acknowledge and come to appreciate different points of view that lead to healthy work cultures of acceptance and inclusion.

Exceeding Excellence: Personal Customer Service

Selling skills revolve around a three-legged stool representing the three P’s: Product, Price, and Person. How can you make the “Person” part of the stool a secure support for selling while also exceeding excellence in customer service in the process? Consider the three H’s that are a part of every Person: Head, Hands, Heart. These days, customer service often fails to deliver even 1/3 of the person! This workshop offers a unique perspective to help your organization put the PERSONal back in customer service. Interactive activities help participants recognize enjoyable and exciting ways to offer PERSONal customer service. This workshop saved an organization $100,000 the first time it was offered. It can help your organization do the same while your employees benefit from increased transaction interaction satisfaction!

Professional Writing Skills

Time equals money in the work world, so creating clear documents quickly that can be understood easily is crucial. Corporate as well as government communicators value this highly interactive workshop designed to help participants resolve two of their biggest written communication challenges: writing more effective documents while following a more efficient process. Practical, lively exercises help them increase their skills in Paragraph Performance from introductions to conclusions, Sentence Sense, Word Wisdom, and Format Force. Participants report that the quality of their work increases while the amount of time needed to produce it decreases, often by 1/3. A review of practical grammar and punctuation rules is included. Their documents and messages will look, sound, and feel more professional as they convey their image with style!

Smart Strategies for Recruiting in a Competitive Market

Ask not what the best candidates can do for you, but what you can do to get the best candidates! In this session, participants are encouraged to part ways with some of those traditional methods of connecting with candidates and embrace inventive approaches to finding the best candidates and meeting hiring goals. With today’s unemployment rate at a record low, it’s important to look for innovative ways to attract and stay engaged with candidates. But how? Offering concrete methods for maximizing technology, transforming your candidate experience with effective communication, and improving your employer brand, participants will leave this interactive session with fresh ideas to immediately impact hiring goals. Participants should come prepared to engage with the presenters and each other, sharing successful ideas and experiences in an effort to expand expertise so everyone can win at recruiting.