Diversity and Inclusion Services

Diversity and Inclusion Plans

Creating a diverse, inclusive workplace isn’t easy. Purple Ink can help! We offer individual services like training sessions, discussions, and focus groups, and we can work with you to design a Diversity and Inclusion Plan for your company.

Our diversity and inclusion offerings include:

  • Employee Diversity, Inclusion and Hidden Bias training
  • Diversity and Inclusion Focus Groups
  • Coffee and Conversations on Diversity with Interest Groups, Management Group or others
  • Lunch ‘N Learn opportunities with diversity experts on topics such as: Disability Awareness, LGBTQ+ Issues in the Workplace, Hidden Bias, Intersectionality and more
  • Monthly Book Club and Diversity Discussion Groups
  • Leadership Coaching for Diversity and Inclusion, and more!

Creating Inclusive Workspaces Training

Have you heard the term uniqueness + belonging = inclusion? How do we as HR professionals create an environment where people feel the freedom to bring their whole self to work, knowing their ideas will be heard and their contributions will be valued? It’s a tall order!

Creating an inclusive workplace goes beyond diversity to fostering inclusion. In this session we will cover:

  • Uniqueness + Belonging = Inclusion
  • Our unique contributions combined with our need to belong in our work groups and organizations
  • The difference between inclusion and diversity
  • What an inclusive workplace looks like
  • Define hidden bias, microaggression

This focuses on the SHRM BoCK Interpersonal cluster, in both Communication, and Global & Cultural Effectiveness behavioral competencies. Additionally, it covers the HR knowledge area of Diversity and Inclusion, in the Workplace domain.

Our session will be hands-on, interactive, and include a variety of lecture using short videos, small group discussions and group activities. Our goal is to encourage participants to be engaged and participative. A typical session includes 30% lecture, 15% videos, 30% small group activities or discussions and 25% full group activities or discussions. Our philosophy is that participants should learn as much from each other as they will from the facilitator.

Interested in Diversity and Inclusion Services?

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