Finding Top Talent

Sourcing Top Candidates

  • Discuss how to create a process that is strategically designed to increase talent acquisition success and improve employee retention
  • Learn best practices for creating an attractive Employer Brand, employee value proposition, and positive candidate experience
  • Explore strategies and tips for using various tools to support best practices
  • Learn how to use data to measure, evaluate, and inform processes

Candidate Experience

  • Explore, discuss, and understand candidate experience and its role in attracting top talent; review methods to create a positive experience
  • Review, discuss, and practice crafting job ads that proactively communicate “value” and share best practices to increase SEO and drive job seeker traffic to learn more about the job

Strategic Interviewing & Onboarding

  • Discuss the role of job descriptions, skills testing, cognitive assessments, etc. in the talent acquisition process
  • Learn and apply behavior-based interviewing techniques using the STAR model to help select the best “fit” for your organization and job
  • Explore strategic onboarding practices to quickly acclimate new hires to the organization and their role