Purple Ink Training Services

Purple Ink specializes in customizable employee training programs. We can develop workshops on a variety of subjects, including topics beyond what is listed - let us know what your organization needs.

Training Topics

Purple Ink’s engaging, interactive workshops are customizable to any length of time and tailored to your unique needs, and we’re always developing new content. Some of our most popular options are CliftonStrengths®; Diversity, Inclusion, and Hidden Bias; Exploring Emotional Intelligence; and Harassment-Free Workspaces. For a full list of training topics, click the button below!

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

Creating a diverse, inclusive workplace isn’t easy. Purple Ink can help! We offer individual services like training sessions, discussions, and focus groups, and we can work with you to design a Diversity and Inclusion Plan for your company.

Leadership Series

The best managers are those who are skillfully trained in the art of management and leadership. Develop your supervisory team through the comprehensive and customizable Purple Ink Leadership Training Series.

JoyPowered® Leadership Program

Purple Ink offers leadership certification programs each fall. In these programs, each group will learn from experienced leadership trainers, discuss relevant topics, network with other leaders, and have an opportunity to ask questions and get advice.

JoyPowered® Strengths Toolkit

Many organizations get excited about our CliftonStrengths® training, but struggle to keep their strengths alive afterwards. To help with this, Purple Ink is excited to offer clients a monthly JoyPowered® Strengths toolkit. Subscribers will receive a monthly email and accompanying activity that encourages strengths-based thinking and discussion.

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