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Upcoming Public Events

Indiana CPA Society Construction Conference: "Building a Strong HR Foundation"

Peggy Hogan | Carmel, Indiana | November 13, 2018

In this session, Peggy Hogan challenges you to think about Human Resources differently. What is Human Resources and why do you need it? You’ll learn about the basic building blocks of the HR function. There’s big picture strategic thinking as well as tactical daily work that needs to be done. How do you navigate the HR landscape, mitigate risk, attract and retain talent and where do you go for help? HR isn’t a necessary evil nor is it just a cost center. Discover how a strong HR foundation can save you money and improve your bottom line!

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SHRM Seminar: "Mastering Your HR Generalist Role"

JoDee Curtis | San Antonio, Texas | November 13-14, 2018

Learn how to standout in your organization as an HR Generalist in this two-day course ideal for mid-career professionals who are already working as a generalist or those who are moving from a specialist to a generalist role. Each module takes an in-depth and comprehensive look at today’s business challenges and provides opportunities to apply your existing HR knowledge with practical scenarios, case studies, discussions and activities that incorporate behavioral competencies including business acumen, consultation, communication, and more. Gain stakeholder support by using metrics to build and establish credibility. Network and learn from your peers as well as from a subject-matter expert facilitator.

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SHRM Seminar: "Behavioral Interviewing: Practices for Hiring Smart"

Susan Tinder White | Alexandria, Virginia | December 3-4, 2018

In this two-day seminar, you will learn the importance of job analysis and how to use behavioral interviewing to ensure candidate selection aligns with the needs of the organization. Discover techniques for determining the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for a position and conducting effective and fair interviews. Gain insight into the debrief and selection process. Throughout the program, you will participate in hands-on exercises that will help guide you through activities such as identifying competencies and writing behavioral interview questions.

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SHRM Seminar: "HR Business Partners: Enhancing Your Strategic Contributions"

JoDee Curtis | Miami, Florida | December 4-5, 2018

Develop the necessary skills to become an effective HR business partner (HRBP) and maximize the value of HR in your organization. Explore the positive impact of the HRBP role and how use of an HRBP structure improves HR services across organizations. Analyze case studies and engage in group discussions to enhance your consulting skills, business acumen, and ability to strategically contribute to organizational goals. Develop a business case and implementation plan to guide your organization’s transition to the HRBP structure.

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HR Indiana SHRM Webinar: "Personal Branding"

JoDee Curtis | Virtual | December 21, 2018

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