Doesn’t it make sense that we’ll be most effective if we align work with what people naturally do well? Power Up Your Strengths is a certification program designed to help you become better equipped to bring out the talents of others. Inspired by the CliftonStrengths® assessment, you’ll finish the program ready to help people do what they do best. And you’ll enjoy doing so, too!

Upcoming Cohorts

Foundations Certification

2024 Dates Coming Soon

    • • Prework (est. 5 hours)
    • • Live Kickoff (plus est. 3 hours postwork)
    • • Debrief Prework (est. 8 hours)
    • • Live Debrief Session
    • • Practice Application (est. 6 hours)
    • • Competency Assessment (est. 10 hours)
    • • Live Wrap Up

Facilitations Certification

2024 Dates Coming Soon

    • • Prework
    • • Webinar #1
    • • Webinar #2
    • • Final webinar
    • • Closing work


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